I have been sailing all my life and my Dad has taught me a lot about living on board a yacht.Dad has lived on boats since he was 8 years old.

A little bit about my Life

Coco and I playing on the rigging. I think I am around 6 years old.

My name is Fletcher and I have just turned 13 years old. My life has been interesting and I suppose a bit different to others. I have lived on board a yacht my whole life, with my Mum, Dad and our little boat dog Coco. I was born in Darwin after Mum and Dad sailed through SE Asia for 3 years. I have lived on three different boats and our home now is a 60ft Adams Sailing Ketch which we work commercially in North Queensland. We are based on Magnetic Island and Townsville but my dream is to go sailing again and explore more of the world. I love to travel and we have sailed through Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Papua New Guinea and other parts of SE Asia.We have sailed the coastline of Northern Territory, Queensland and part of NSW. I am homeschooled by my Mum and we sometimes have some good school days and than other days it is really hard because I am busy thinking about exploring, fishing, sailing or being outdoors. I look forward to sharing more of my exciting adventures!

Sailing South East Asia

Sailing Flores, Indonesia at 3 years old.

I was 2 years old when I sailed with Mum and Dad to Indonesia from Darwin. It took us around three days to sail to some small islands to the east of Kupang. The scenery in Indonesia is so different to Australia. There is many volcanoes, which you can hear rubbling from time to time & small villages are built at the bottom of these volcanoes on the flatter land.The ocean is thousands and thousands of metres deep until you approach the islands, which are surrounded by fringing reef. We visited many beautiful islands and met many local people who live in huts.The locals loved my white skin and blonde hair so they enjoyed following us, when we walked to the food market. The markets have a smell that I have not forgotten.The smell of meat and fish that had been sitting in the sun for a while. The fruit and vegetables were basic but tasted wonderful because it depended on what would grow seasonally and we always had fresh tasty food.I remember playing with the local kids and having so much fun with sticks, stones and shells.Life is alot more simple in Indonesia and everyone always had big smiles on their faces.

Romung Island, Indonesia

Snorkeling with Spinner Dolphins

My Go Pro footage of snorkeling with dolphins on the Great Barrier Reef.